ENERGYPROS™ is the industry leader in developing safe and economically viable solar solutions on capped landfills, brownfields, and superfund sites.

Both private and public owners and operators of landfills, brownfields, and superfund sites are now able to utilize new solar module and racking technologies to produce clean renewable energy that will generate either: savings in the form of reduced operating costs, or additional sources of revenue from limited use lands.

Whether you're a private landfill operator looking to save money on your electricity bill, or you're a municipality interested in leasing your land, Borrego Solar's project developers are dedicated to proposing the most efficient solar PV technologies that will ensure your project makes it through the various obstacles of highly regulated permitting and engineering process.

1. Additional revenue from land with low demand from real estate developers
Once methane extraction from a capped site tapers off, landfills typically go unused because of the environmental conditions that make them unsuitable for commercial or residential applications. Electricity generated on landfills can be used onsite or sold to an offsite host or power producer.
2. Available financing
Investors are interested in working with credible hosts for power purchase agreement (PPA) projects with 10-20 year terms.
3. Large expanses of land
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) estimates the US has over 11,000 sites (several hundred thousand acres) in the US that are suitable for solar.
4. Good transmission
Most landfills, brownfields, and superfund sites are located in close proximity to a point of interconnect with the existing utility grid. The shorter the distance to transmission lines, the more economically viable the solar power installation will be.

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