What's Your Long-term Strategy on Rate Volatility, Resource Scarcity, Rising Energy Costs, and Corporate Social Responsibility?


Renewable energy investment often hinges upon a delicate balance between environmental and financial stewardship. Your company must benefit tangibly across many facets of the business. Implementing a well thought out strategy on renewable energy and energy efficiency can reduce risk while generating returns which meet or exceed that of your core business capabilities.

ENERGYPROS™ tailors a detailed financial model specifically to your site and for your unique objectives. Incentive programs leveraged with advocacy from our professional staff can assist your executive team with a strategy for both the near term and long term. From pilot projects to regional roll-outs, our team of subject matter experts understand your business, will anticipate your needs, and can ensure an effective and viable corporate renewable energy plan.

Key components of an ENERGYPROS™ solar solution

1. No real estate investment since you already own the roof, parking lot or land
2. Predictable contracted energy rate for 15+ years
3. Income generation
4. Capital preservation from tax benefits
5. Reduced energy spending
6. Increased brand recognition and Corporate Social Responsibility
7. ROI between 2-9 years (often dependent on tax appetite)
8. Attractive IRR

Solutions Provided by ENERGYPROS™